Zahroof introduces StraightFlo SE compressor valve

13 June 2022

Zahroof’s new StraightFlo valve uses 4140 steel alloy and follows an extended series of field trials in upstream and midstream applications. (Photo: Zahroof Valves.)

Compressor valve manufacturer Zahroof Valves, Inc. (ZVI), has formally introduced an alloy steel version of its StraightFlo reciprocating compressor valve. The move targets compressor operators who want the long-term savings and productivity gains of a StraightFlo valve, but at a competitive upfront installed cost, the company said

Unlike its stainless steel counterpart, designated StraightFlo SS (Severe Service), the new SE (Standard Edition) serves relatively non-corrosive compressor applications typically found in upstream and midstream gas compressor markets. Gases encountered in these applications include sweet and sour natural gas, air, gas with natural gas liquids, and industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium, and acetylene.

“We are always listening to compressor operators and looking for opportunities to help them run more profitably and sustainably,” said Zahroof Mohamed, President and Chief Technology Officer of ZVI. “For many of them, stainless steel valve housings provide a much higher degree of corrosion resistance than they need for their application. At the same time, the incremental cost bump from stainless material makes it difficult for operators to adopt StraightFlo valves fleetwide. The StraightFlo SE valve resolves that dilemma.”

ZVI performed extensive development and testing of material options, settling on 4140 steel alloy for the StraightFlo SE valve. The new valve follows extended field trials in a full range of upstream and midstream applications, ZVI said.

“The StraightFlo SE valve needs to check all of the same boxes as the SS valve,” said ZVI Senior Vice President Javvad Qasimi. “The SE valve has the same ability to extend run times up to 35 times and provide power savings or throughput increases up to 15%. We offer a ten-year warranty on the valve housing, just as we do with SS valves in downstream and other corrosive applications.

“The design of the internal components—the modular reed valve sealing elements—are identical for both types of valves. They have the same advantage of being quickly serviced in the field by simply replacing worn elements. There is no need for machining or leak testing after refurbishing. Under normal conditions, the valve housing will last the life of the compressor itself. “With the cost-efficiency of the StraightFlo SE valve, we have a compelling value proposition across the full spectrum of reciprocating compressor applications.”

Houston-based Zahroof Valves, Inc. (ZVI) makes compressor valves, unloaders and associated products for operators of reciprocating gas compressors. ZVI developed the StraightFlo reciprocating compressor valve, which incorporates patented Modular Reed Valve (MRV) technology.

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