BHE Compression recognized for responsibly sourced gas

21 June 2021

BHE Compression Services is the first large-horsepower fleet with the patent pending CleanMachine technology.

The CleanMachine compressor package from BHE Compression Services recently received a key recognition from Project Canary, a Colorado-based environmental standards company that granted them a TrustWell certificate for responsibly sourced gas. The certification was the first time Project Canary had recognized efforts of midstream equipment operators to reduce emissions.

“BHE Compression Services is excited to find a like-minded and action-oriented partner in Project Canary and TrustWell,” said Michael Robbins, president and CEO of BHE Compression Services. “Service quality and new equipment are no longer the only key differentiators in the compression services business. We are leading the way in setting the new expectation for compression services using technology to eliminate and capture raw methane emissions.”

BHE Compression Services is the first large-horsepower fleet with the patent pending CleanMachine technology. This technology is designed to enable its equipment to operate compressor packages that target methane intensity rates of less than 0.2%, compared to 0.36% for conventional compressor units.

BHE Compression Services’ CleanMachine design includes Project Canary’s continuous monitoring sensors and technology, which enables operators to monitor methane emissions in real time. Robbins and a partner formed TCB Energy Services that developed the CleanMachine technology. BHE Compression was formed to take this technology to market on a large-horsepower contract compression fleet.

Compression units are one of the main contributors to emissions and, as such, offer opportunities to reduce emissions if the design is altered. A traditional compressor package may have as many as 20 places that have the potential to leak methane, Robbins said.

So he developed a packaged designed to eliminate those raw methane leaks. The package included software that enables an operator to develop a real time continuous greenhouse gas scorecard. That software can measure methane or CO2 emissions, or both.

BHE Compression Services started in April 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic and went from an engineering/design phase to a field installation and commissioning phase. It is now focused on deploying more units into the fleet. The RSG certification from a third party will help the company gain recognition in the industry for its environmental focus.

BHE Compression Services employs a homogeneous fleet of large-horsepower drivers (in excess of 1500 hp) and Ariel compressor packages with the latest controls and technology to improve integrity, reliability and safety and reduce the impact of operations on the environment. The units are used for centralized gas lift, midstream gathering facilities, plant applications and transmission applications.

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