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All in the family
Will Exline continues a 150-year tradition
Podcast: Blackmer’s Ron Crouch and Bob Lauson
CT2 recently spoke with Blackmer’s Ron Crouch and Bob Lauson
Canada has potential to be energy market leader - Take Five with Tim Kelley
The United States tends to garner most of the attention when it comes to natural gas news, but its neighbor to the north isn’t sitting idle.
INNIO Waukesha poised to play part in clearer energy future - Take Five with Bud Hittie
William “Bud” Hittie didn’t have a typical start at INNIO Waukesha. He became the company’s president in October 2019, right as signs of a pending downturn began to surface. Then as the new year began, a global pandemic emerged.
Durable Products, Customer Support Essential To Building, Maintaining Legacy – Take Five With Rod Shurman
Rod Shurman knows all about Caterpillar’s presence in the gas compression community and how it has grown during his tenure. Shurman has
Ariel Keeps The Talent Pipeline Open In Ohio – Take Five With Kent Dubbe
Training has always been important to Ariel Corp. In the late 1990s, the company established a dedicated training area on its campus
Mascari Keeps Focus On Service During Challenging Times – Take Five With Danny Mascari
A tough marketplace isn’t new territory for Danny Mascari, president of L.A. Turbine. He recalls the most recent downturn (2015-2016) in the
Offshore Industry Poised For “Dramatic Transformation” – Take Five With Christian Schöck
Changes tend to be abundant in most industries as the calendar transitions to the next decade. The offshore sector of the oil
Moxley Returns (Again) To GPA Midstream – Take Five With Joel Moxley
Joel Moxley is familiar with GPA Midstream. From 2013 to 2015, Moxley served as a chairman of the board for the association.
Podcast: Forecast 2021
COMPRESSSORTECH2‘s DJ Slater spoke with ADI Analytics’ Uday Turaga (CEO) and Brandon Johnson (project manager) about the year ahead and how the
Podcast: Coping with change
COMPRESSSORTECH2‘s DJ Slater spoke with Suzanne Ogle of the Southern Gas Association (SGA) about how to navigate the unexpected challenges brought on
Podcast: The state of the natural gas industry
COMPRESSSORTECH2‘s DJ Slater spoke with Jim Willis of Marcellus Drilling News about the current state of the natural gas industry amidst a
Moving At The Speed Of Technology – Take Five With Pier Parisi
Pier Parisi’s career path gave him a front-row seat to the technological advancements of the natural gas industry. He spent the earlier
Family Matters – Take Five With Rob Exline
Family ties are said to run deep. In the case of Exline Inc., those ties can be traced back to 1872 when
Keeping An Eye On Renewables – Take Five With Alexander Peters
Neuman & Esser Group is not a company known for sitting idle in the industries it serves. Founded in 1830, Neuman &
Keep ’em Running – Take Five With Frank Hoegler
Frank Hoegler is president of Reciprocating Technology Services Corp. (RTS) and is also responsible for the management of all business development and
Executive Outlook 2019 – Francesca Cozzani
COMPRESSORTECH2 spoke with Francesca Cozzani, CEO of Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani, about her company’s tradition, plans for the future and market contingencies. 
Executive Outlook 2019 – Karen Buchwald Wright
Karen Buchwald Wright is the president and CEO of Ariel Corp., headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The company was founded by Jim
Industry Needs ‘Best And The Brightest’ Across Roles – Take Five With Mark Sutton
Mark Sutton spent 37 years with the GPA Midstream Association, retiring as president and chief executive officer of the organization, which advocates
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