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The Electric LNG Option For The U.S.

GE explains electric motor-driven compression technology


The U.S. has seen a startling reversal of its energy fortunes over the last five years: the combination of a shale gas boom, good electrical infrastructure as well as ongoing concerns about CO2 emissions have been driving the development of eLNG (electric liquefied natural gas).

COMPRESSORtech2 interviewed Francesco Falco, general manager of the oil and gas vertical for GE’s Power Conversion Business to learn more about eLNG development.

“By eLNG I mean the liquefied natural gas supply chain enabled through full electric motor-driven compression technology in the processing, transport and distribution network for LNG as alternative to the traditional turbines driven devices,” Falco said. “It is a fast-emerging and efficient means of extending the reach of natural gas resources and one we are seeing huge interest in.”

Read the full story in the June issue of COMPRESSORtech2

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