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PAN Technology Ready For Field Test

Technique to recover pulsation energy could be breakthrough


An advance in compression technology, which has the potential to reshape the industry, has been developed through a collaborative effort that involves several companies and the Gas Machinery Research Council.

ACI Services, Optimum Pumping Technology and the former El Paso Corp. have spent more than half a decade developing performance augmentation networks (PAN), a system designed to improve the efficiency of reciprocating compressors.

Now an end user is ready to test the technology. The PAN system will be applied to an Ariel JGT/4 single-stage compressor driven by a Caterpillar G3516 gas engine rated 1380 hp (1029 kW) at 1400 rpm. The package is in its final stages of fabrication in Enerflex’s shop in Houston, Texas, before being installed in the Williams’ Zick compressor station near Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.

“This has the opportunity to significantly change the way pulsations are controlled in reciprocating compressors,” said Norm Shade, senior consultant and president emeritus of ACI Services. “It is the biggest breakthrough in improving the performance, reducing the energy consumption and increasing compressor capacity that has come along for decades.

Read the full story in the June issue of COMPRESSORtech2

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