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Natural Gas Contaminants In Compressor Feeds

Effective strategies must be based on careful evaluations


Inlet gas separation upstream of processing units and compressors is far more common for gas streams as opposed to liquid streams because of its prevalent and diversified contamination profiles. Similarly, inlet separation is far more common in gas processing operations as opposed to refinery activities.

Inlet gas separation is usually conducted through the use of a knockout drum equipped with a demister section, using a mesh pad or a vane pack. Some plants use horizontal filter separators with a vane, or cyclonic elements or stages.

All these systems are not entirely adequate for an effective inlet contaminant removal from sour gas feeds. These systems are typically designed for bulk liquids removal and large aerosol droplet sizes. In addition, none of these devices is really designed for solids separation (usually done effectively by a wet scrubber or a particle filter).

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