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Rhyme Time: Compress - January/February 2014


Acquiesce Cress Fluoresce Obsess Repress
Address Depress Guess Oppress Stress
Aggress Digress Impress Possess Success
Assess Dispossess Largesse Press Suppress
Bless Distress Less Profess Transgress
Caress Dress Lochness Progress Tress
Chess Egress Mess Reassess Undress
Coalesce Excess Nevertheless Recess Unless
Confess Express Noblesse Redress Useless
Convalesce Finesse Nonetheless Regress Yes


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Compressor Technology Sourcing Supplement

Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement

Ratings and specifications for compressors and prime movers, component details, tutorials and an abundance of critical information for anyone working in the gas compression marketplace.
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